Voluntary & Court Ordered Anger Management Classes - Company Message
Anger Management Classes
Approved by the Los Angeles County Courts
member of 
California Association of Anger Management Providers
(CAAMP LA County Vendor #16675801)
classes taught by licensed mental health professionals
 and certified anger management facilitators
Anger Management classes are designed to help manage
angry feelings and eliminate violent behavior. 
Private Sessions & Executive Coaching
Voluntary Referrals, Court Ordered or Employer Ordered
 Executives, Professionals
Disenchanted Spouses, Workplace Violence
Adults and Teens 
"finding healthy alternatives to express angry feelings"
 Anger is an emotion. Everyone feels angry at some time. You
may not be able to change the person or situation that makes you angry. But you can change how you respond to anger.  The goal of anger management is to learn to control and express anger in a positive and effective way without causing emotional or physical harm to others.
Classes are designed to help manage angry feelings and eliminate violent behavior. 
"My co-workers have been avoiding me since I blew up last week"
"I told you to find us marriage counseling, now I have to go to anger management classes"
"This is it!  If he doesn't get his anger under control I'm leaving him"
"Oh, man, I didn't mean to hit her...now I'm facing felony charges"
"a great alternative to couples counseling!"
Los Angeles Anger Management
"My kid just won't listen! He won't come out of his room, he stays awake all night and sleeps all day!  I was so frustrated I smacked him on the side of his head, now he's in foster placement and I'm court ordered to anger management classes."
"We argue all the time...I'm always so angry, I don't think even marriage counseling will help."
"I was so afraid...I thought he was going to hit me!"
"The neighbors called the police again!"
Sherman Oaks Anger Management
"finding healthy alternatives to express angry feelings"
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"better than marriage counseling"